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Fort Lewis College offers many different opportunities to study abroad. The programs offered through the International Programs Office are categorized as Exchange, Direct Enrollment or Study Abroad. These programs are for students who will travel and enroll independently. All students planning to study abroad on one of these programs are required to take GS 250 and GS 251 (International Studies) prior to departure.

Additional programs offered on campus are either faculty led or sponsored by a faculty member via independent study. Students should contact individual faculty members for information and application requirements. GS 250 and GS 251 are not requirements for faculty run programs, unless specifically requested by the professor.

Exchanges are reciprocal agreements with partner institutions where students pay their home school tuition and fees, while receiving transfer credit. An international student will attend Fort Lewis in your place. Tuition waivers may be used for these programs. Exchanges may offer department specific courses (i.e. only business classes) or campus wide choices. Students will be attending most classes with students from that country, as well as other international students.

Direct Enrollment:
Students may attend accredited foreign institutions without there being an exchange student at Fort Lewis College in their place. Students pay a program fee to Fort Lewis in addition to the international tuition charged by the host institution. These are usually very economical programs and common for language study. Students attend classes either with local students (in the host language) or with other international students.

Study Abroad Provider:
Study Abroad students pay tuition and program fees directly to the third party provider that organizes these programs. These providers are either sponsored by U.S. universities or businesses that have U.S. universities on their oversight boards. Students pay their tuition and fees directly to these providers. Study abroad programs represent almost every country and curriculum choice. Students may be in classes with other American students from around the country.

Additional Programs (Non-IPO):
Exchanges, direct enrollment, and study abroad are the three international programs run directly out of the International Programs Office, but there are other programs that individual professors and offices have been running for years. Although the initial preparation for studying in another country is similar, the details for participating in these programs can be found directly from the sponsoring department, office, or professor.  You will not need to take GS250/251 to participate in the following programs.
•  School of Business Term Abroad
• International Independent Study- Individual professors and department chairs